Over the next 3 years the Castor Products Company methodically promoted superior products and expanded production to meet growing demand. Then in 2005 CPC co-founder Mr. Nanala Satra met with a leading German cosmetic maker, WALA (branded as Dr. Hauschka), who asked them to produce an Organic-certified Cold-pressed Castor Oil. This involved developing a network of farmers to grow organic-certified castor beans, and having the entire production process organic-certified as well. The unwavering support of Dr. Hauschka made this daunting task possible.

Starting with only 2 farming families in 2007, CPC’s network of organic-certified farming families is now 828 strong. As their neighbours see the benefits that come with organic-certified farming, an increasing number of families are turning to organic farming techniques

The Castor Products Company provides farmers with instruction in organic farming techniques and ensures higher prices and higher net profit for their beans, even in the event market demand for organic-certified beans does not grow sufficiently. Organic-certified castor beans now account for 20% of the Castor Product Company’s total purchases, and this percentage continues to grow.